APTA Nationals 2018 – Chicago

Volunteer for Nationals!

This season the APTA Platform Tennis National Championships are going to be held in Chicago, hosted at Glen View Club on March 8th through 11th, 2018.

This site is dedicated to the platform tennis enthusiasts who will serve as volunteers for this exciting tournament. Hosting Nationals is an immense undertaking, and the efforts of the teams of volunteers are critical to its success.

Volunteers are the face of the event to the players and serve as the on-site information source for the tournament directors. As a volunteer you’ll be in the action and will serve as an ambassador doing anything from registering players to managing a hut to reporting scores – with support from tournament veterans, just a phone call away.

Please sign up here through the Volunteer Registration Form.   Thank you for offering your time to the 2018 Platform Tennis National Championships.   We will get back to you shortly!